Original Lyrics from Télétoile


I used to dig my job and I bike to the beach.
Erosion changed the game for the foam and its reach.
I ride to the pier, to the dunes, to the point.
I want to see my boss as if there were a point.
Out here a balance roars between the deep and shore.
Don't want to tune the car, don't want to mind the store.
I'll go back because I can, I don't surf, there's no time
And hours weigh on you when the rent check is due.
Low tide bares a rich smell,
I can suck it up well.
Pull, pull, pull!
The ocean drags a lesson
Pull, pull, pull!

He pushed me out on one, not on three like he'd said.
I fell back and looked up,
I flipped and stretched my wings,
I flapped and screamed at James.
He grabbed me by the neck and showed me all his teeth.
The way he brought me here was his joke for the day.
I sat through the class and signed away all my rights.
His hundred other jumps didn't count much to me.
Tugging at the rip cord,
Humor he can afford.
Pull, pull, pull!
Our time to soar is now so
Pull-pull, pull, pull!

Come on all you joes--
(moons, magnets…whatever)
You pull out to escape stranger pull.
Handles on doors, they keep the secrets right in front of you
And do they, do they, care if you use them all today?
Pull them closer to learn
If their fire will burn, if your fortune will turn.
Pull, pull, pull!
You can't push me away so
Pull, pull, pull!
Pull, pull-pull, pull me closer,
Pull-pull, pull, pull!

Magician's rabbit now please take the hat and hide.
Don't tell us what you want to keep with you inside.
I'm sick of stupid tricks, everyone knows the fix.
Tell me that I'm too sore, every tug is a war.
"What was that?" "He's down there." "No he's not." "Not again."
"Better bring him back home so we can give him a bone."
Let's go throw him a line
Just to throw down a line.
Pull, pull, pull!
It makes you feel good so you
Pull-pull, pull, pull!
Pull, pull, pull…

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