Original Lyrics from Télétoile


Advertising drowns the noise you told yourself to like
Better keep un point sur terre when you caress the mike
A cool cuisine, a fool's machine
You imitate un type you've never seen
Elvis, Piaf--both were once like you--17!

Télétoile espoir
Wishing can go so far
Télétoile espoir
Slide under the radar

10 ways to mispronounce Star-Spangled Marseillaise
Flip off, cash in and crash just like MTV says
Start your R with a growl et caches-toi in a howl
Derrière in a towel, end ta vie on a vowel
And Elvis, Piaf, laughed when they looked back--17!

Télétoile chez nous
Our house is cruising through
Télétoile chez nous
A rock 'n' roule revue

Télétoile perdue
We lost the avenue
Télétoile perdue
Let's open up le zoo

Sweeten and lighten bars of your dark chocolat
Un aspirateur swallowed language you forgot
Inquisitive infinitive
J'sais pas is how you live, un sou is what you give
If you say ça va, do you agree ça va?
Logos can dangle stars, logos can strangle stars
Elvis, Piaf, were once, quoi? 17!

Télétoile le pain
Your bread is baked in slang
Télétoile le pain
Now you're the biggest
Now you're the biggest
Now you're the biggest bang!
Biggest bang!

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