Original Lyrics from Soothing Aloe Vera


Will someone call to wish me well
On my journey north of Kalispell?
My time away begins today
As far as I can tell.

The Flathead dawn arrives in gray,
Lightning weaves ten miles away.
If the rain moves into Glacier
It's a berry-pickin' day.

But if the sun comes disengaged
And glorifies God's blank page,
I'll stroll an hour through wildflowers
To the unretreated Ice Age.

First time I've laced up these new boots
And worn these gloves to dig up roots.
No bear has ever sized me up--
We must be in cahoots.

An Elk talked tall about a lake
Where he thinks my shiny lure will take
But if the fish don't bite it,
It isn't his mistake.

I'll hang some fire on Going-to-the-Sun
Where rainbows first and fattest hung
And mountains face each other
Like their business isn't done.

I'll hike until my feet fall off
Where cascades feed a mirror trough,
Then pitch my tent and listen
For silence speaks enough.

I'll learn standing still from evergreens,
Decisiveness on eagles' wings.
I never hit a moving target,
I don't remember dreams.

Leaving Cody Joe behind
Was just my way of being kind.
Even though he smells like me
I hope you didn't mind.

Will someone call to wish me well
Before I check out of Jim's Motel?
My time away is up today,
I won't return to Kalispell.

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