Original Lyrics from Soothing Aloe Vera

The Herky Jerk

Smirk USA
Oh yeah oh yeah
Smirk USA
Oh yeah oh yeah

I saw ya jammin in ya jammies
with the ring around the collar
go grab a vine girl
and then swing around and holler
like ya just don't care
(wave ya hands in the air)
time to rate great and mate
with the lord of the jungle.
Black Tarzan, funkin up to go stylin
Black Tarzan, pumpin up to go whylin
Black Tarzan got no need for glocks
cominatchya with only my pipes & my dreadlocks
Black Tarzan ready to go berserk
so step north as he pulls down a fast-time Herky Jerk.

Things are getting kinda hot
in the crib of world culture
butt naked bros rampagin
and circlin like vultures
like they just don't care
(wave ya gats in the air)
howlin foulin and growlin
while the white warden watches.
Black Moses, let my people go
Black Moses, let the sun vibe flow
Black Moses 2K got an army of Hutus
with machetes that are ready to unman and do you
Black Moses ready to get to work
so cringe or step up for a flat out Herky Jerk.

To all ya suckers who been weaning
off the bootie and ya bro's dish
consider it ya duty to go kish
my ash but ya better pucker up
cuz i can't stand slobber
on my sweetback buttercup.
Black Mao, says it's right to rebel
Black Mao, says it's time to retell
Black Mao got no need for leaf
clear-minded to judge ya and give ya grief
Black Mao puttin on his fat-ass smirk
so drop the Tai Chi for a bust-up Herky Jerk.

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